Chinese Herbs to support IVF

Going through IVF treatment can be extremely demanding, both physically and emotionally. Chinese herbal medicine is supportive before, during and after your IVF treatment.

The time before your IVF is an excellent preparation time for both partners.

Before your IVF, herbs can improve the endometrium (lining of your womb). These include Dang Gui Angelica Sinesis and Bai Shao Paeoniae Radix Alba. They nourish your Blood and increase the thickness of your endometrium. Additional herbs improve circulation to your uterus. This creates a warm, vital womb lining to assist implantation.

This is an excellent time for men to take Chinese herbs to improve the quality of their sperm. Male fertility is decreasing worldwide at an alarming rate. It can be responsible for failed IVF or ICSI cycles, and miscarriage. Chinese herbs increase the percentage of normal sperm. They also improve sperm motility and numbers.

Men are less stressed, with improved vitality and libido. Herbs including Tu Si Zi Cuscuta Semen and Wang Bu Liu Xing Vaccaria semen improve energy, libido and sperm quality.

Chinese herbs for IVF

Chinese Herbs during IVF treatment

For women, the Womb Welcome formula continues to support your endometrium. It increases circulation, improves vitality of your uterus, and assists implantation. Womb Welcome is taken from your stimulation phase until your pregnancy test.

Once you have your positive pregnancy test, Pregnancy Support formula is recommended. It is based on the ancient formula Shou Tai Wan, designed to support pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. It’s also a wonderful energy tonic, which is so welcome in those early weeks of pregnancy.

Womb Welcome – modern formula to support circulation in the womb lining, improve the quality of blood, and improve implantation.

It thickens the lining of the womb and improves circulation by both nourishing and regulating blood, thereby assisting implantation.

Pregnancy Support – Carefully chosen herbs to support a healthy pregnancy and assist with miscarriage prevention in the first trimester.

Who it’s for: It is based on Shou Tai Wan – Foetus Longevity Pill. This is an ancient formula that has been used for hundreds of years to support early pregnancy and prevent miscarriage. These herbs function together synergistically, so should be viewed as a whole, rather than as individual herbs.  Rather like a soup or casserole, the whole is very different from the various parts of the recipe.

Herbs Cost:

£50 for 21 day supply

Contact Alma Vale Centre to order herbs.

Helen Fielding and Jill Glover also prescribe individualised Chinese herbs for both male and female fertility during IVF.

All herbs prescribed are safe to take during pregnancy. None are animal products or from endangered species.


Male Herbs

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Chinese herbs reduce varicoceles and improve sperm count and motility.  Ishikawa H et al Am Jnl Med 24, issue 3-4,1996 pg 327 – 33

Chinese herbs improve motility,  improved sperm motility and quality, increased sperm count and rebalanced inadequate hormone levels, and adjusted immune functions leading to the increased number of fertile sperm. Jiang et al International Review of Neurobiology Volume 135, 2017, Pages 297-311

Female Herbs

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“Our findings indicate that Chinese herbs increase endometrial thickness, improve the quality of fertility and embryo, and promote embryonic nidation, thus enhancing the success rate of in vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection-embryo transplantation cycle. Using Chinese herbs improves the outcomes and safety of assisted reproductive technologies.”

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