Preparation for both partners is key, and pre-conception acupuncture treatment is an excellent place to begin.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine enhance the chance of a successful conception and pregnancy, whether you plan to conceive naturally or with assisted conception.

Both sperm and egg take 3 months to develop to maturity, so committing to 3 or more months of regular treatment is advisable. This way you maximize improvement to both sperm and egg quality, and therefore your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby.

We look at the foundations to fertility, yours and your partner’s health history, and what may be contributing to your difficulty in conceiving. We may request additional information or tests if some areas remain unknown or are out of date.

Pre-conception acupuncture

These may include:

  • Medical fertility testing and treatments, blood tests for micro nutrition, semen analysis.
  • Lifestyle including work/life balance, exercise, emotions, and stress; how these are affecting your fertility.
  • Your knowledge of your fertility, using ovulation kits, BBT charting, and observing cervical mucus.
  • Nutrition and weight
    Good nutrition for both partners is vital to a successful conception and pregnancy. It also supports the health of the baby during pregnancy and in later life.
    Optimal weight will enhance your fertility; nutritional advice is given according to your Chinese medicine diagnosis therefore tailored specifically to you.
  • Alcohol, coffee, and smoking can impact your fertility, so we take this opportunity to review and support changes where needed.
  • Medication and recreational drugs will be reviewed as some may impact your fertility.

Based on this information, we will devise a treatment plan and make recommendations tailored specifically to you and your partner.

We offer couples an opportunity to discuss treatment options, both western and complementary medicine. We also have time to further explain any medical tests or treatments you may be unsure of.

Jill Glover - acupuncture

Jill Glover

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Kristy Perry - acupuncture

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