Associate Acupuncturist Program

Jill Glover runs an associate program specifically for the most promising acupuncturists, assisting them on their journey to excellence in all aspects of acupuncture treatment.

Alma Vale Acupuncture Associates are specialists in treating infertility and all aspects of women’s health. They have undertaken additional specialist training in the acupuncture treatment of Male and Female Infertility, Endometriosis, PCOS, IVF and Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART), and miscarriage.

Associates receive specialist ongoing instruction to benefit from Jill’s many year’s expertise. They are trained to understand and work alongside western medicine treatment while giving acupuncture treatment.

Clients gain from prompt consultation and treatment with lower costs while benefiting from input from a more experienced acupuncturist where needed. Clients may be seen by Jill or referred to her if appropriate.

You are in safe hands at Alma Vale Centre.

Jill Glover’s Associates

Tiffany Black - Associate Acupuncturist

Tiffany Black

Senior Associate

I became an Associate of Jill’s in 2017 as I finished my training at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. It has been a fantastic experience from the start and I would highly recommend the position.

Being an Associate of Jill’s meant that as soon as I had my license to practice I had clients – which was a gift because after 3.5 years of training all I wanted to do was treat and I didn’t have the stress of marketing and advertising, up front cost of room rent, building a website and client admin.

The main benefit for me however has been the support and mentoring Jill provides. Jill has a phenomenal knowledge of Chinese medicine but also of western medicine especially when it comes to fertility. Being able to tap into that knowledge and learn from her has been a career-changing experience. She always bring clarity to complicated diagnosis and because she has taught at CICM I always felt we were speaking the same language.

I feel being Jill’s associate propelled me forward in my practice and the support and insight she provides has and continues to be invaluable.

Tiffany Black

Senior Associate

To be offered an associateship with Jill was a unique and exciting opportunity and I hugely value being part of such a mutually supportive collaboration. Over the last 10 years I have been able to grow, build and develop my knowledge and practice with the support and guidance from a practitioner with a huge wealth of experience and expertise. Regular clinical supervision, individual training and consultation has enabled me to provide extremely effective treatments using an integrated approach.  I have been able to extend my knowledge, diagnostic skills and expertise in a specialised area, particularly treating women with complex infertility, gynae and menopausal health issues.  My journey to date as an associate has been one of considerable growth, development, encouragement, challenge, curiosity, exploration, nurture, invaluable support and collaboration.

The associate program is a unique opportunity for a Chinese Medicine practitioner to receive individual mentoring and training, appropriate referrals, ongoing consultation and supervision, and to grow, develop and excel particularly in the specialised field of women’s health.
Julie Kelham

Previous Senior Associate