It was lovely to see you again at the CPD course and like the previous one I found it hugely insightful. I find it really inspiring to learn from your experience from your time in clinic.

“Really informative and interesting course. Jill is an excellent teacher and brings the subject to life!”
An interesting, stimulating day, with a spectacular handout
“Jill delivers clear precise detailed exceptionally useful information with expertise, artistry and humour. It is a privilege to be able to come away with user friendly booklet that is the accumulation or Jill’s research, experience and expertise.”
Jill presents the materials in a very clear concise manner and somehow ‘makes it stick’.
“Jill’s knowledge & experience really shines through wonderfully.”
This was a truly inspirational day, packed full of very relevant and useful information. The handout is a brilliant and highly useable clinic aid.
“Jill is able to bring the two worlds of the biomedical and TCM approach together, which is necessary if one is to do ones best for the patient.”
It has given me the confidence to treat women and men going through the IVF process now – I no longer need to refer them to colleagues. Thank you for a very informative, stimulating, enjoyable day.
“Thank you for the work you do, your enthusiasm and the clarity of information you present. I was really moved and inspired by the seminar despite the zoom format which was new to me. It was a real boost and positive mind experience during lockdown.”
– Eileen