Supervision and Mentoring

Jill Glover offers supervision and mentoring to acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists. She has been deeply involved in the mentoring and supervision of both student and postgraduate practitioners, both individually and in groups, since 1993.

Jill finds having supervision herself invaluable. She enjoys being able to supervise and mentor other practitioners so they can benefit from this key aspect of professional development. She is particularly experienced at providing supervision support for complex fertility and gynaecological cases.

Being an acupuncturist and/or herbalist can be a hard road to travel. Mentoring and supervision with Jill Glover provides you with that helping hand.

What is Jill's experience of mentoring and supervision?

Jill’s mentoring skills have been supported with numerous coaching courses, professional experience as a teacher and clinical supervisor, and peer supervision and capability reviews in her role as clinical supervisor. 

She finds having supervision herself invaluable. She is part of a supervision group of acupuncturists, supervisors/mentors with teaching experience, which has been meeting for 20 years. Jill finds this provides her with support and supervision for the many challenges experienced in an established practice, and is a place where she offers mentoring and is mentored herself.

Jill is also part of an established a peer supervision group for herbalists, primarily focusing on case study, herb review and input from recent seminars.

What approach does Jill use?

Jill’s role as mentor and clinical supervisor has always been to use a coaching approach, to ask questions enabling the students to arrive at the appropriate answer themselves. This follows the ethos of teaching and learning used at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

This may be in the realm of diagnosis, point or herb selection or patient management. Students may initially want to simply be given the answer, but ultimately find this doesn’t give them an ongoing learning experience.

What benefits can supervision and mentoring bring me?

When Jill started in practice, she was fortunate to have informal mentoring from two more experienced practitioners. She found it invaluable in those early days of uncertainty, and experienced for herself what a tremendous difference it can make.

Jill is committed to helping grow more confident, competent practitioners. It supports the individual, their clients, and the profession as a whole.

Jill loves seeing the penny drop, seeing practitioners increase their confidence, their skills and learning. By encouraging supervisees to learn how to think like a Chinese medicine practitioner, they become more empowered to have confidence in their own practice.

When can I book in?

Jill offers supervision and mentoring sessions during her normal clinic hours:

– Monday 9:00am to 5:45pm
– Tuesday 9:00am to 5:45pm
– Wednesday 9:00am to 12:45pm
– Friday 9:00am to 5:45pm

The appointment can be face to face in the clinic, or online via Zoom.

What do I need to do before the appointment?

Jill likes you to email her your questions and queries before the session so she can read through these ahead of your appointment.

These can be client-related, practice-management related – or anything to do with your practice that you would like to discuss. Writing this down before your appointment can help to clarify your thoughts.


What case information will I need to send?

For any cases you would like to discuss, please send:
  • Client’s first name, age and main complaint
  • Presenting symptoms
  • Your diagnosis of main patterns
  • Tongue and pulse, including sub-lingual veins; a photo is good
  • Your questions regarding the case; this can be simply ‘I’m stuck!’

How much does it cost?

Appointments are 45 minutes for £80.

You can also email Jill short questions between sessions at no further cost.

If you send Jill a long case to work on, it costs £25/15 minutes.

Success Stories

“I have had supervision with Jill Glover now for many years and hope to continue for many years to come. I could not recommend her more highly. Supervision with her underpins and stabilises my practice. Jill is very able to confirm what I am good at and to show me my next steps in learning. She always widens my horizon, puts things into context for me, brings in things I have not thought about and makes sense out of my confusion. She is absolutely fabulous in translating life into Chinese medicine. Jill combines warmth, a sense of humour a a huge amount of knowledge into a most valuable and enjoyable supervision session.”

With gratitude Malai Sontheimer


“Jill, your advice is fantastic and so are you, for getting back so quickly and supporting me in the way you have. A great help. I must say that your professionalism and attention to detail together with the obvious very real care for what you do is a benchmark for me and continues to be an inspiration.” 


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