For treatment and support during your pregnancy and pre-birth, our acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists are here to help, as Jill Glover explains


Pregnancy Consultation & Coaching

  • Dietary and Herbal advice to support your’s and your baby’s health in pregnancy
  • Self-Acupressure and moxibustion therapy to:
    • Alleviate nausea and heartburn
    • Ease constipation naturally
    • Allay anxiety
    • Improve anaemia and alleviate breathlessness


Pre-birth consultations from 34 weeks

To give you support and treatment during your pregnancy from 34 weeks


Breech Babies

  • Moxabustion tuition
  • 60% successful
  • Best done at 34 weeks


Posterior Babies

  • How you and your partner can help your baby turn the right way.


Pre-Birth Acupressure Tuition

For you and your birth partner

From 36 weeks you will learn specific acupuncture points to:

  • Calm your anxiety and reduce your stress
  • Prepare for your on-time smooth labour, by:
    • Softening and dilating your cervix
    • Relaxing your tendons, preparing your body for labour
  • Provide pain relief during your labour
  • Move your energy downwards, supporting your baby’s journey down your birth canal



To learn how acupuncture treatment and online consultations helped lead to a successful birth during lockdown, read our blog Online Consultation Pre-Birth: One Client’s Experience’

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