As we enter Spring, book yourself into the E-Clinic for some seasonal acupressure with Julie Kelham to help harmonise your Liver and Gall Bladder energy


At the core of Chinese Medicine is the principle that nature is governed by Yin/Yang and the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  Each season is associated with a different element and with the energy system of different organs. Each element has a different colour, sound, emotion, odour, time of day, season, and type of weather, taste and seasonal power.

As I was walking my dog the other day I was thinking about how the Wood element is influencing us right now at a time of huge stress, shock, uncertainty, loss and change in our lives.


Over the last month or so the season has been in a transitional period from winter (Water element), into spring (Wood element) and it has, and continues to be, a transitional time for us all trying to make sense of what is happening, managing our own emotional responses, supporting family, friends and people in the community and adapting to huge change.

During this time especially there is a need to look within ourselves to find inner resources, strength and resilience whilst the world is rapidly changing around us. At the same time, spring is surging forward, plant shoots are emerging, buds appear on the trees turning into blossom or colourful flowers. The birds are singing and there is a sense of movement and much needed signs of growth, hope and possibility. Nature provides us with a source of solace not only to soothe us but to support our immune systems. Being in touch with nature in whatever way that can be, and listening to bird song, is widely known to be good for our health and wellbeing.

Trees are a perfect depiction of the Wood element. A healthy tree flourishes, is well rooted and has strength and flexibility. When a tree stops flourishing, has weak roots, or is withering, it isn’t receiving the nourishment it needs. We too can be affected from an imbalance in our Wood element impacting on our movement and flexibility, our posture (trunk), and feeling unrooted in our bodies. This is such a destabilising time so whatever supports us to stay ‘rooted’ or grounded in life is crucial.

Structure, rules, change and flexibility are all influenced by the wood element. These issues are hugely pertinent at the moment when we have all needed to adapt to new rules and changes in personal and work structures. The emotion associated with the Wood element is anger and with an imbalance, a person may feel noticeably irritable/angry or not feel appropriate anger, be inflexible or be over flexible, find it hard to plan and make decisions. An imbalance can also manifest in apathy or resignation.

The Wood element governs the energy of the Liver and Gallbladder. It gives us a vision of our potential, our ability to plan, make decisions, initiate change and growth, as well as the determination to progress with these changes. The Liver Qi influences our inspiration, creativity, life dreams, purpose and direction. Our physical worlds have temporarily become much smaller in the last few weeks so this is a time when we are having to become creative in different ways and areas of our lives.

So I leave you with the resonance of two wood points, Liv 13 (Zhang Men) ‘Chapter Gate’ and Liver 14 (Qi Men) ‘Gate of Hope’ to help us through this time of crisis and transition.

Hoping that you stay well, stay safe, and stay ‘rooted’ in your body. We look forward to seeing you in the E-Clinic and being able to support you through these challenging times.


Help and support


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Ways to support and strengthen your Wood energy

Lime, lemon juice or cider vinegar in warm water is particular cleansing for the Liver. The sour taste is used to move and cleanse the Liver. Lime juice can also assist the Gall Bladder in the breakdown of fats.

Green foods correspond to the colour of the Wood element, so lots of green leafy vegetables will support your Liver Blood.

Olive oil, lemon juice and cayenne pepper can be made as a salad dressing to gently stimulate the Liver Qi.

Take some moderate exercise with something you enjoy doing, as this will not only move your Liver Qi but will support your Fire element as well – 20 minutes brisk walking a day is enough to move your Liver Qi, for example.

Having a lie down when possible for half an hour between 1.00pm and 3.00pm (the time of the day when the Liver energy is at its lowest) will support the Liver Blood.

Nettle Tea is a lovely combination of Blood nourishing qualities and cleansing properties.

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