Colds are totally miserable, and the most infectious illness in the UK.

The cold virus is around all the time, and our immune system has the job of fending it off. Whether we get a cold or not depends on which is stronger at any given time.

Its important to deal with your cold symptoms as soon as they start. The faster your response, the less colds you’ll get!

1. Wash your hands frequently
The cold virus is spread through touch, so frequent hand washing, and keeping door handles etc clean will reduce your exposure to the cold virus.

2. Vitamin C
A powerful antioxidant. Take 1 gram or more on an hourly basis until your symptoms abate.

3. Zinc
A research review shows that taking Zinc immediately your symptoms begin can reduce the duration of your cold.

4. Sleep well
It may sound obvious, but good quality sleep will always benefit your immune system.

5. Exercise regularly
This will boost your immune system and reduce your risk of respiratory illness. In one study, people who exercised regularly had 50% less coughs and colds.

6. Green tea
Research shows that drinking 1 to 5 cups of green tea lowers the incidence of coughs and colds, due to its antiviral components.

7. Turmeric
Turmeric is a fabulous antioxidant.
A hot drink of 1 tsp turmeric powder plus 1 tsp of honey in hot water will stop a cold in its tracks.
If your cold is severe then take it once an hour.

8. Elderberry syrup
Elderberry syrup reduces the severity and duration of flu, and helps relieve congestion.

9. Ginger lemon and honey drink
This works best if you take it at the very beginning of your cold. Take a thumb size piece of finely sliced fresh ginger, simmer for 5 mins in 3 cups of water. Add a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice and 1 tsp honey. Drink and enjoy!