Pain Relief in Labour with Acupressure

Classes running on:

  • Saturday 5 Sept 2pm – 4pm
  • Wednesday 16 Sept 2pm – 4pm

Alternatively, individual sessions can be booked privately.

We have used acupuncture many times during women’s labour and have found that acupressure is often more welcome and flexible in providing pain relief.

It has the benefit of being a hands on treatment, which women really value when in labour. We all know touch can bring relaxation and relieve pain.

The birth partner can easily learn how to use a small number of acupuncture points, which can be used before and during labour to good effect. It gives the birth partner an important role, and creates an invaluable bond between them.

Pain relief

These points can be very powerful in giving pain relief. They release endorphins, our own natural pain relief, and also block pain receptors to the brain. Labouring women will often demand certain points are used during contractions as they give effective pain relief.

Promoting labour

In addition to giving natural pain relief, some acupuncture points will also cause the cervix to soften and dilate. Additional points to invigorate contractions will give a shorter, smoother, more efficient labour. Interventions are much less likely.

UnknownBoosting energy

Acupressure can also be used to boost the labouring woman’s energy, an invaluable resource if the woman becomes tired. These points can also be used in the last weeks of pregnancy, when energy can be in short supply.


Finally, we can use acupressure to calm an agitated or anxious woman.

Acupressure Classes

  • By attending our classes, you will learn how to apply acupressure effectively, and which points can be used when for maximum benefit
  • Simple point resource cards which can be used to refresh your knowledge in the delivery suite or at home during labour, plus a more detailed hand-out for future reference.
  • A calming essential oil which can be used during labour.
  • Additional information which can support and promote a smooth labour

With Jill Glover and Julie Kelham

Cost: £40 per couple
Contact us to book or for more information

Individual sessions available on request at £50 per session.